Studios ready for leaving, in residential location

Find below overview of studios proposed by Studihotel on Palaiseau Saclay plateau

A good, comfortable, furnished apartment (government approved since 2001), for the price of hotel room.

Our offer 

Studi hotel Massy Palaiseau proposes extended stay accomodation in Palaiseau since 2001.

You can rent charming & personalized flats. Perfect for short or long term stays.

Get both the advantages of a hotel and an apartment. Each apartment is ready to live in, and includes a true & nice integrated kitchen, and, just like a hotel, the sheets, the bathroom linens, TV are included.

Palaiseau is just 4 minutes away from Massy TVG station if you use the subway (subway RER B). Your aparthotel is 12 minutes away from CEA Saclay by bus.

Reach Paris in 14 mn (by car) or in 19 mn (by subway RER B, from the station at Palaiseau Villebon), just 950 m from your apparthotel (flat).

The apparthotel is located in the very nice town of Palaiseau, which is very close to the business centers located in Palaiseau, Massy, Les Ulis, CEA Saclay, Antony, Velizy, et Orsay.

Accomodation is 70 meters away from the national forest of Palaiseau, and big buildings are forbidden. So flats are in small buildings, such real houses with one floor (2 to 4 flats per small building). Flats at ground floor have their own garden or terraces.

Accomodation is neither a residence, or a hotel, but instead in a classic apartment, with hotel advantages. Studi Hotel is a convenient staying accomodation for Saclay or Massy Palaiseau.

Apartments have prefectural approval since 2001.


Price includes beds ready at arrival, internet (box with fiber for 3 to 4 studios), parking, illimited access to both washing & drying machine, tourist tax.

Price are for 1 person and decreases according to the length of your stay.

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Do not hesitate to call us 7/7 and request any help you need :

Tel : + 33 1 60 10 23 97

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Feel really comfortable at home at
Studi Hotel at Palaiseau – Saclay plateau

Apartments are ready to live in.


Open market, at 1500 meters from aparthotel.

2 to 4 studios per building, with your private terrace for those at the ground floor.

Massy Palaiseau extended stay accomodation.

A good, comfortable, furnished apartment for the price of a hotel room at Massy Palaiseau !

Government aproved since 2001  –  SIRET N° 319406708 00028
















  • Access to your accommodation : 60% of the apartments have a separate exterior entrance reserved for the guest. You are the only one to manipulate the entrance handle of your apartment for these accommodations. For the other accommodations, the front door gives access to 3 different accommodations.
  • Access to the laundry : access to the laundry is possible for tenants of your building (maximum 4).
  • Low turnover: preferred long rental periods during this pandemic period. Current average observed period is more than 3 weeks, excepted during peak season (June / July)..